Welfare, Our Topmost Priority 

A significant aspect of education and nurturing for teachers and non-teaching staff of Marie Bashir Public School is the welfare of every student. This welfare encompasses the steps taken to ensure the promotion of students’ mental, social and physical well-being. It has helped us create a school community with a caring culture where no student is marginalised for any reason whatsoever.

This welfare is aimed at the creation of a serene, conducive, and healthy learning environment. It is achieved through the collaboration of parents and the fair rules and regulations guiding the conduct of students within the school. In addition, and as an extension, the disciplinary policies for erring students are also in place.

Moderate Discipline Policy

Marie Bashir Public School discipline policy provides the codes of conduct for the student within the school. It has a detailed outline of what is required of every student attending the school, and the consequences of these requirements are ignored or deliberately avoided. It is available for collection at the school’s office.

Some Behaviors Which Warrants Discipline

Class Disruption

This is a major action that can lead to a student’s withdrawal from the playground. Class disruptions or interruption does not only affect teacher’s lessons, but it also affects other students learning and assimilation. 

Unruly Conduct

This includes but is not limited to fighting, whether physical or verbal, racial discrimination, body-shaming, and so on. These actions are frowned at. 

Property Damage

No student should damage any property that may belong to the school or other students. 


Places that are out of bounds for students are visibly marked. If a student goes after that fair warning, it might warrant discipline.


This action carries with it a lasting effect on its victim. It is identified as being prominent in schools, and as such, Marie Bashir Public School frowns at it. It includes spreading unfounded claims, shoving and pushing, threats, extortion, and disrespect for other student’s choices.

For students perpetrating this act, they are usually interviewed by the class teacher, and their parents are contacted. As a result, they get counselled, detained, and sometimes suspended. 

Policy And Procedures 

All the behaviours mentioned above, especially bullying, are unacceptable, and the school disapproves of them. However, within the confines of Marie Bashir Public School, every student has the freedom and right to go through the normal routine of a student and be themselves without fear of being bullied or excluded. Additionally, students are expected to respect other students and be responsible for their behaviours.

We are aware of the negative impact this behaviour can have on students and how it can affect academic performance and impede a wholesome learning experience. So, we take a joint stand against it. We emphasise the need for our students to stay calm, ignore students who conduct themselves that way, demand that they stop, avoid fighting and always call on-duty teachers. 

As we focus on educating these students, a significant part of this education is character building, and this is an aspect we do not take for granted.