Our Unique Uniform Distinguish Us From Others

A very necessary part of being a student is the adornment of the school’s uniform. Some people have made several claims as to why uniforms should be abolished, but the reasons they should not have always prevailed. Uniforms are not just clothing that identifies a school differently from others; it is another way of teaching students how to dress smartly. It is an acknowledgment of belonging to a school and sharing the school’s identity in appearance. It also eliminates the pressure of having to dress just for classes overtly.

Marie Bashir Public School also has a beautiful uniform whose colours resonate with the school’s colours. These colours include sky blue, navy, and gold. These are beautiful colours carefully selected, a combination of which shows the beauty, charm, and smartness of every student wearing it.

Marie Bashir Public School Uniform Shop

The school also has two outlets where you can easily get the uniforms at a very affordable price. It is at the first door of the first driveway, and the second shop is also located in the same building. Parents can purchase all Marie Bashir Public School items of clothing from uniforms to sweatshirts, socks, sport wears, and so on at these shops. Provision is also in place to order these clothing online.

The school is committed to its growth and employs every reasonable and moderate means to generate profit. Sales of uniforms are a way of generating these profits directed towards the purchase of facilities for the school. This process and the running of the uniform shop are managed and overseen by P&C representatives.

Uniforms Requirements

It is given that the same attire does not fit all times and seasons. There are specific school attires for every season. Marie Bashir Public School understands this fact and has varieties of uniforms that fit every season and event. 


This is usually the coldest time of the year, and our students are required to put on their sky-blue long sleeve blouses. Girls are to wear long navy socks and tights and their black shoes. They also can wear their navy jumper, which has a school crest. Boys must wear a sky blue blouse, navy long trousers, navy socks, and black shoes.


Boys must wear their sky blue shirt, navy short trousers, navy socks, and black shoes. Girls must wear a navy, blue and gold dress with navy piping, navy socks, and black shoes.


The attire for sporting activities is a unisex polo shirt with white, navy, and sky blue panels. This shirt has navy shorts with a zipped pocket. The sports attire also has white joggers and socks and sky blue, white, and navy track pants and a panel jacket.

Students are allowed to wear limited personal jewellery like a wristwatch. However, other pieces of jewellery like studs, necklaces, and bracelets are not allowed. Girls also cannot wear nailed polish. And every student is required to have their surnames sewn on their clothes. Painting shirts, library bags, and raincoats are also necessary.