A Necessary Demand Of This Age

One of the most precious things about the 21st century is the advancement of technology imported into all areas of human endeavour. Its benefits are so vast and almost inexhaustible. In education, it has greatly improved and enhanced learning to a considerable degree, and as a result, most schools have adopted it in their teaching processes. It exposes students to vast information, improves their understanding of research, helps them collect, analyse and communicate data, and provides an adequate alternative to the conventional learning process.

Although many public schools cannot compete with private schools on this plane, Marie Bashir Public School has made significant progress in giving their students the best learning experience. As a matter of fact, plans are underway to develop student’s soft skills, which they can build on in the future. 

In Marie Bashir Public School, every classroom has at least five laptops and Ipads for learning. Its usage is maximised with a functional WiFi system of the school. As soon as these devices are activated, they automatically connect, which helps students achieve a wholesome learning experience. Moreover, the provision of these facilities helps students develop different technical skills, which generally helps their education.

The school also has a computer lab, and for every class’ curriculum and subject timetable, students are required to visit this lab every week. In addition, every student has access to the school’s internet given their personalised log-in details. To ensure that these provisions are put to good use, the Education and Community department has firewalls to regulate sites accessed by students. They are also encouraged to put in their respective contributions to the library blog.

Some Benefits Of Technology In Classroom

Digital Learning

Holidays, pandemics, or any break cannot hinder learning as digital learning is in place. There is a space for remote exchange between students and teachers. Teachers can also share digital resources and create assessment data to track progress.

Reading Programs

Another benefit technology gives learning is reading programs. Students can connect with their classmates for reading exercises which are tracked with computer-based programs.

Accelerated Learning

Another benefit of technology in school is that learning becomes easier and faster, and everybody is carried along. Through virtual classrooms, learning is continuous and never stops. The use of technology also helps student widen their capacities and range with speed and efficiency. 

Publication Of Students’ Works On The Internet

In an age filled with creatives, it is always important to protect the intellectual property of every individual, especially students. These kids come up with different creative works that can always be improved whenever they are ready. Therefore, Marie Bashir Public School ensures that every student’s work and photograph is published after receiving consent from parents or guardians. 

Parents can also decide to refuse to consent to this or withdraw the permission for this. Also, the school understands the need to protect students. As such, their full names are never published on the internet.