School Plan

A Careful Outline Of School’s Objectives 

Marie Bashir Public School is one of the best public schools in the states for so many reasons evident in the school’s track records, one of which is the plan set in place for the school to achieve the purpose for the school’s creation. It contains the school’s purpose, values that distinguish Marie Bashir Public School from other schools, curriculum, resources, staff, available facilities, finance, projects, proposals, and objectives to be achieved. 

This planning helps the school focus on things that foster her growth in a way that is beneficial to the students who attend the school. It helps meet the demand for quality education, parents sky-reaching expectations, and enhanced learning outcomes for students. It also serves as a means to identify and express how the school is run and how to improve this process generally. 

Some Contents Of Marie Bashir Public School Plan

Our Purpose

Our school aims to achieve a high standard in the quality of education students receive. This is done by creating an environment where student’s growth, socially and academically, is assured. 


The values upon which this school was built involve but are not limited to merit, integrity, leadership, cooperation, and sound learning. We strive for all of these in all our activities. 

Unique Attribute

What differentiates Marie Bashir Public School from others is the constant need not to reduce what conventional public schools look like. We strive for the highest standard, and our students compete at the highest level. 


All staff employed in the school are selected out of pure merit from their value proposition and desire to stay committed and put in service for the growth of these children as that is the most important reason for their recruitment. 


The school curriculum is per the provision of the Department of education. We strictly adhere to this and allow subtle moderation, which accommodates flexibility in learning. 


At Marie Bashir Public School, our academic, sports, and technological facilities meet the standard of every modern school, and we aim to improve on this in the coming years.

Another significant aspect of our school plan entails our school’s annual report and strategic improvement plans. The school’s yearly report entails all operations and their executions and all achievements throughout the academic year. This helps the school, staff, and students alike have respective individual and collective assessments; it also shows the effectiveness of our strategies adopted to improve learning and attain excellence. This report is made available and accessible for students and parents every year. 

The strategic improvement plans demonstrate the school’s objective is constantly raising the school’s standard both in the area of learning and facilities put in place to bolster student’s education. It is usually tied to generated revenue, and a proposal is usually created in alignment with all these plans. In addition, all expenses are well documented to show transparency and commitment to these objectives.