A Hub For The Acquisition Of More Knowledge 

The library is usually identified with schools, but its importance goes beyond just being a part of its structure. It is that place where reading habits are developed and where students can acquire more knowledge on relevant topics or topics discussed in classrooms. It also makes the work of teachers easier as students read more, their level of understanding is broadened.

Marie Bashir Public School also has a very decent provision of a good library for her students. It also caters to teachers by giving them access to relevant books within the school’s curriculum. As a result, the value generated from having this library is holistic. We have a teacher-librarian in place, which sees the effective and efficient running of this library.

Our school library provides more than books. We have other facilities like a computer, we have a database for authentic information and so on. We also have a library handbook that explains the processes involved in maximising the benefits of this library.

Books Borrowing Information

The essence of creating a system of borrowing books at Marie Bashir Public School is for students to learn how to make choices regarding purposeful learning. Our librarian assists students in acquiring this skill which is intentional in helping students acquire the knowledge necessary for their growth and education.

This helps student help student improve on their decision making enhance their capacity to choose from arrays of appropriate books. It also furthers their sense of ownership because they treat the books as they would their property, even if they are the school’s property. This also sows the seed of being lifelong readers in them. 


Students falling in this category can only borrow one book and get another after the submission of the one in hand. 

Stage 2

Students in this category have the option of borrowing one to two books at a time and can come for more after those books have been retrieved. 

Stage 3

Students that belong to this set have the opportunity to borrow up to four different books for extensive reading and research. 

The point to note is that, outside these borrowing processes, students are required to visit the library once every week to take library lessons. It is a necessary part of the school’s curriculum. 

The Premier Reading Challenge

At first sight, one might confuse this program as a reading competition amongst Marie Bashir Public School students, but it is not, and this is exactly why it is a challenge. Instead, the Premier Reading Challenge is a program aimed at improving our student’s love for reading, either for research or leisure. 

This program exposes them to beautiful literature filled with ideas that make them vast in all areas. The only requirement is to be interested in reading because as long as this interest is established, there are so many books available to be read. So, all students are buoyed to join this challenge whose aim is for their good.