The Essentiality Of Quality Learning

One of Marie Bashir Public School’s aims is impactful and quality learning for our students. It is a necessary goal the school strives to achieve year in and out. To achieve this, we have a curriculum based on the provisions of the New South Wales Education Standard Authority (NESA). This body ensures the creation of a curriculum for each stage of learning. 

In Marie Bashir Public School, we follow this curriculum to the letter. The slight alterations we observe only occur in our approach because we know fully well that teaching and learning are meant to be a flexible and assimilate exercise. Therefore, this curriculum is for kindergarten classes up to year twelve. 

The New South Wales Education Standard Authority (NESA) also made provisions for the primary years curriculum, divided into six key areas. These areas include:


This subject help creates numerical reasoning abilities in students and improves their logic. They develop the ability of problem-solving, which is further sharpened when they promote to higher classes. 

Creative Arts

Innate in all children is a unique creative ability. This creativity is furthered by creative art subjects taught in school. As reading broadens the mind of a child, so does artwork. It expands their imagination beyond space and time. 


English is becoming a general means of communication. As a result, its usage has increased. There is a need to improve the grammar and concord of these children at the early stage. Apart from being a language of communication, it is also a language that enhances students’ access to information on the internet. 

Science And Technology

Science and technological literacy are essential in this age and time. Science has consistently improved over the years, and the same can be said of the technology. Teaching these subjects helps students understand and adapt to the demands of this age and how they can contribute to its growth. 

Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)

Social studies are also a fundamental aspect of the school’s curriculum. Students need to know how to relate and interact within society and also understand their place in it. 

Personal Development, Health And Physical Education (PDHPE)

This subject focuses on student’s physical development. They are encouraged to participate in these activities because it helps to improve their understanding of teamwork, Fairplay and develops their self-esteem.

Stages Of Learning

From kindergarten to age twelve, there are six stages of learning as provided by the NSW Education Standard Authority. The first stage includes kindergarten class which is usually a preparatory class for children. It is the early stage of education that begins around age one. Primary education begins at kindergarten and runs from the early age till age 7 or 8.

The second stage of learning is the secondary school level. It runs for about three to four years. At this stage, students are exposed to more technical subjects that improve and enhance their education. The third stage is the senior secondary school level which runs for two years, between eleven and twelve.