General Information

Everything You Need To Know About MBPS

Marie Bashir Public School is an excellent school and is rated amongst the best in the state. Our track records are enough testament to this fact. Enrolling your wards here is a decision you would never regret. Below is the necessary information you need about our school. 

School Crest

It is widespread knowledge that crests are specific and essential in identifying schools, amongst others. It distinguishes a school from others through its symbols, underlying meaning, and interpretation of its mission, value, and identity. For Marie Bashir Public School, the school crest is an open book whose pages are flipping.

This crest is a unique symbol of our commitment to learning and the acquisition of knowledge. Its flipping page represents the fact that the process is ever continuous, both in duty and the readiness to take learning to the next chapter. 

Sport Houses

We understand the value and necessity of sports, and we commit a great deal of time to it. Participation in sports helps our students keep fit, freshen their minds, improve their reflex, enhance physical and mental strength, boost their self-esteem and help them meet friends and create a long-lasting bond, amongst other benefits. This is one of the most effective ways we teach our students healthy competition, teamwork, and commitment to collective goals despite individual brilliance. It is an essential part of our school’s curriculum. We show this in our sports houses which students are assigned and belong to throughout their stay in the school. These sport houses include

  • King
  • Phillip
  • Hunter 
  • Bligh

These houses allow students to compete in different sporting activities like track and field events, swimming, sports carnivals, inter-House competitions, and many more. Siblings are usually assigned the same house. There is a grand prize of a shield for the house that wins, and this is given during the school’s yearly presentation day, usually in December. 

School Hours

Just like every other school, Marie Bashir Public School opens by nine every morning and closes by 4 pm from Monday to Friday. Classes usually start around 9:25 am and finish around 3:25 pm. There is a recess time, otherwise known as break time, from 11 am to 11:35 am. This timing resonates with the same as other schools within the state. 

Staff Development Days

Another indication that Marie Bashir Public School is committed to the growth and development of every student is this program created mainly for staff. The popular saying that one cannot give what one does not have fits this scenario. If teachers and other staffs are not adept and do not improve in their field, there is no way they can transmit quality teachings to the students.

This is why staff development days are held to further orientate staff on how significant their contribution is to the growth of every student. It is also known as pupils a free day, which holds four times a year, and it is spread across the four terms in a session. Parents are required to find other engagements for their wards on these days.