Art Program

Art Education, A Crucial Part of Learning

The art program is the type that overlaps between being a curriculum and extracurricular activity for students in a school. It is a fundamental part of the school’s timetable, and apart from the fact that it ensures that these students learn new things, they also enjoy this learning process. This program improves students’ confidence, concentration, and teamwork. 

It is one of the ways students are connected to the world from a very early age. It closes the gulf that exists between the progress of learning from a child to another. They learn different elements of arts like shape, meanings, texture, space, colours, etc. It helps keep every child on the same page, and it makes overall learning effective. 

Marie Bashir Public School art program is proudly sponsored by Packer and Crown Resort family foundation. The contribution of these foundations has been immense in giving our students the most amazing and artistic creation and experience. 

Some Benefits Of Arts Programs


Art programs help students test the power of their imaginations. This gives them a renewed thought process. When this is achieved, students are naturally led to submitting novel ideas, which helps academically and helps tackle real-life issues. 

Social Skills

The participation of students in art programs ensures improved emotional and social intelligence. Students learn how to handle their emotions, whether as a reaction to an event or nonreaction. In addition, they understand the complexity involved in socialising, so they imbibe social tolerance, confident expression, and other interrelations skills. 


Art programs also give depth to the insights student generate from any given issue. From their participation in art education, they tend to see differently, and their interpretation always carries much more meaning than the conventional perception of the same thing. 


A very important benefit which an art program gives students is life purpose. Many students find interest in some of these programs, which they build on, get passionate about and find purpose. They impact lives through their arts which began at a very early stage, nurtured, and developed to full maturity. 

Cultural Understanding

Art programs also build in students’ cultural awareness and understanding of the constant differences between people of different cultures and their cultural values. An extension of this is the awareness that every work of art always has a cultural undertone. This furthers the depth in interpreting these works of art. 

The significance of these programs can never be overemphasised. Some of it carried out in Marie Bashir Public School include visual arts – drawing, painting, sculpture, craft, and so on; media arts – Dancing, Acting, Singing, and so on.

In addition, students engage in creating artworks like “Clay Turtles, Water Lillis Pond and Bridge, Great Barrier Reef, Clay Fish and Tea Cups, Our Neighbours, Sustainability,” and so on. These artworks are inspired by Courtney Guay and Cassie Stephens, Jean Monet, Cassie Stephens, Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain, Katsushika Hokusai, and Jeannie Baker.