Every Child Must Be In School

Being present at school regularly is a very important duty for students. It is necessary for ensuring a child keeps his or her feet in a path that assures their future. This responsibility is shared by parents and teachers alike to track the whereabouts of students. Parents are particularly expected to follow up in any case of absence from school. 

Several factors can be responsible for a child to be absent from school. Some are unavoidable, like sickness or emergency travel, while some are not. However, no matter what these reasons could be, it has to be documented. Parents have to inform the school. It is the duty of the school to monitor and record the attendance and absence of every student in the school. 

At Marie Bashir Public School, this is done in the morning and later in the afternoon. It is meant to ensure that students attend school and stay in school, so they have to mark attendance two times every day.

Absence From School

At our school, we have a due process that helps us track the absences of our students, provided the parents carry out their responsibilities. If a student is absent from school, parents must make a note of explanation detailing reasons for this absence. This note is sent to their child’s class teacher. For lateness, a note can be given to the child to deliver as soon as he or she gets to the school premises.

It is a duty for our school to check the school roles to note inconsistent attendance constantly. If a pattern of absence is noted in a student or a pattern of late coming is seen, the matter is escalated to the Home School Liason Officer. It is the duty of this officer to follow up on this realisation, visit the student and his or her family to address the issue.

Late Arrival

Several reasons can lead to a student’s late arrival in school, and they can be excused and moderated if due process is observed. The health and safety regulation requires parents whose child arrives late to school to register and document this in the Late Arrivals/Early Leavers Booklet at the school’s office foyer.

Students also must send the slip showing the process has been completed to their class teacher. This allows the teacher to advise for moderation in the students’ routine to school and inform the school of this development to be documented. 

Early Departure

The process mentioned above also applies to students who need to leave the school earlier than the closing hours of the school. The reason for early departures is vast, and they can be excused and moderated if they (reasons) are acceptable. The Education Act gives schools this prerogative because the child’s future is important to the school as it is to the parents. 

The fact remains that parents can prevent absences, late arrival, and early departure provided they do the needful in constantly consulting the school.