About Marie Bashir Public School

The Best Public School

Education continues to be a very fundamental right every child should enjoy. It is a powerful tool that moulds and illuminates a child’s mind to understand the demands of the world and how to satisfy them. It provides children with the freedom to think and helps them realise their potential early and fully maximises it to become the change their society demands. The value of quality education and strong morals are the substructure upon which the superstructure of our school is built. 

Brief History Of Marie Bashir Public School

The creation of Marie Bashir Public School was made possible by the New South Wales government from her decision to buy the Stratfield campus of former Sydney Adventist College in March 2013. The name of the school was announced later that year, around October.

It fully opened in February 2014, which marked the beginning of what has become a fantastic journey in nurturing children to become the best individuals our society needs. We chose the school’s name to honour professor Bashir for her immense contribution to the state, which is also a reminder that public schools can produce society’s gems. 

The school has consistently strived for excellence in all students through quality learning and the firm belief that every child should be carried along in all learning processes. Strict adherence to this has ensured progress for both the school and every child enrolled within. The school is poised for even bigger feats as nurturing students to become the best remains our core objective. 

Our Aims

  • To nurture and expose students to quality learning which opens their minds to several possibilities. 
  • To create an environment where students are free to choose progressive paths for their future. 
  • To ensure that students understand and acquire moral values and virtues which keep their feet on the right path.
  • To strengthen the triumvirate link of student, parent, and school to achieve collective goals that assure the success of all parties. 
  • To encourage service to others and the community and show its necessity to the growth of the society. 

Our Mission

Marie Bashir Public School is committed to ensuring the development of every student. For us, every student gets the most standard and qualitative education there is by giving them the encouragement and opportunity to improve academically and socially. This is why for us, every student matter because we believe every one of them is destined for a specific purpose, and our duty is to illuminate their minds through quality education to identify this purpose and actively pursue it. 

At Marie Bashir Public School, we believe education should breed freedom of thought and its expression. As a result, we do not just load our students with facts. We also enable them to rationalise every teaching, which, in turn, improves their intellectual flexibility and enhances their problem-solving skills. 

Our Values

  • Impactful Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Merit