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Marie Bashir Public School is committed to ensuring the development of every student. For us, every student gets the most standard and qualitative education there is by giving them the encouragement and opportunity to improve academically and socially.

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Welcome to Marie Bashir Public School!

Marie Bashir Public School is an excellent school and is rated amongst the best in the state. Our track records are enough testament to this fact. Enrolling your wards here is a decision you would never regret. Below is the necessary information you need about our school.

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One of the most precious things about the 21st century is the advancement of technology imported into all areas of human endeavour. Its benefits are so vast and almost inexhaustible. In education, it has greatly improved and enhanced learning to a considerable degree, and as a result, most schools have adopted it in their teaching processes. We have done same.


A significant aspect of education and nurturing for teachers and non-teaching staff of Marie Bashir Public School is the welfare of every student. This welfare encompasses the steps taken to ensure the promotion of students’ mental, social and physical well-being. It has helped us create a school community with a caring culture where no student is marginalised for any reason whatsoever.

School Plan

Marie Bashir Public School is one of the best public schools in the states for so many reasons evident in the school’s track records, one of which is the plan set in place for the school to achieve the purpose for the school’s creation. It contains the school’s purpose, values that distinguish Marie Bashir Public School from other schools, curriculum, resources, staff, available facilities, finance, projects, proposals, and objectives to be achieved.


Uniforms are not just clothing that identifies a school differently from others; it is another way of teaching students how to dress smartly. It is an acknowledgment of belonging to a school and sharing the school’s identity in appearance. It also eliminates the pressure of having to dress just for classes overtly.


Being present at school regularly is a very important duty for students. It is necessary for ensuring a child keeps his or her feet in a path that assures their future. This responsibility is shared by parents and teachers alike to track the whereabouts of students. Parents are particularly expected to follow up in any case of absence from school.


The library is usually identified with schools, but its importance goes beyond just being a part of its structure. It is that place where reading habits are developed and where students can acquire more knowledge on relevant topics or topics discussed in classrooms.

Art Program

The art program is the type that overlaps between being a curriculum and extracurricular activity for students in a school. It is a fundamental part of the school's timetable, and apart from the fact that it ensures that these students learn new things, they also enjoy this learning process. This program improves students' confidence, concentration, and teamwork.


One of Marie Bashir Public School's aims is impactful and quality learning for our students. It is a necessary goal the school strives to achieve year in and out. To achieve this, we have a curriculum based on the provisions of the New South Wales Education Standard Authority (NESA). This body ensures the creation of a curriculum for each stage of learning.


We are in Australia.

For your enquiries, reach out to us using any of our contact information below.