Technology Program

Technology education has an essential place in the primary curriculum. It prepares students for life in the 21st century. Students learn to access information, collect, analyse and represent data, model and interpret concepts and relationships, and communicate technological ideas, processes and information. Technology education assists students to manage and influence technological change and to gain greater control of their lives in an increasingly technological world.


Students at MBPS have access to Interactive Whiteboard technology in every classroom (including the Library). All classrooms have at least 5 laptops. MBPS also has a set of iPads for students use as well. MBPS has a computer lab in which students visit for a session each week. Each laptop and IPad has a connection to the school's WiFi system. There is a range of software to support classroom teaching and learning.

The Department of Education and Communities has firewalls and filters in place and regularly monitors sites accessed by the school. To ensure a safe environment for students, all students have an authenticated login. They are required to enter their user name and secret password. Students are only allowed to access the Internet in the presence of a teacher. Students are also encouraged to participate in contributing to the school's library blog.

Publishing Student's Work on the Internet

The full names of students are never published on any work that appears on our school website. Written consent from parents and caregivers is requested to allow the school to publish photographs of students and their work. Parents have the right to refuse or withdraw permission for their child's work to be published at any time. The school newsletter is edited to remove surnames of any students prior to being published on the website.

BYOD Program

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