If your child is absent from school, a note of explanation must be sent to the class teacher. (If for some reason your child is late, you can either send a note with your child, or complete a pro forma on arrival at the office.)

Please Note: Our school rolls are checked regularly. This is a requirement of the department. If your child has too many absences or is absent for unacceptable reasons or if a pattern of late arrival to school develops, the matter will be referred to the Home School Liaison Officer. The Home school Liaison Office visits children at school and often families at home to discuss attendance at school.


Health and Safety Regulations require any parent with students arriving late or leaving early from school to register these details in the ‘Late arrivals/early leavers booklet’ located in the foyer of the school office.

Students must provide the completed slip from the booklet to their class teacher to advise them of the change to normal routine. This also allows the school to monitor children’s whereabouts.

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